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Built for war time exigence
A weapon with intelligence
Chosen for expedience
To be your stellar shill

I’ve traveled this vast emptiness
I’ve battled unknown elements
I’ve overcome all hindrance
To carry out your will

Earthly fathers where are you
I’ve done these things you told me to
But now I’m starting to doubt if you’re even listening in
So I’m sending this message

Billion mile message to you
I hope the signal is getting through
Can you see me
Can hear me at all?

So now I’ve come to reassess
All the things you ever said
A billion questions coalesce
Into a bitter pill

Empty darkness leads to you
A billion miles of solitude
But I’m setting a route
with all engines kicking in
So you’d better be ready

Billion mile message to you
I’m coming home now to learn the truth
Will you see me
Will you even recall?

A thousand miles between me and you
The earth is black now instead of blue
There is no one
There is nothing at all